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QLogic Drivers on HP HBA

Eric Clark
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QLogic Drivers on HP HBA

My current HP HBA (AE311A) was running 8.01.06 for RedHat ES4 driver from HP. I installed the 8.01.07 driver from QLogic for testing with Pillar Data & HDS storage. Bios is still HP. Everything seems to work fine, but I'm curious what HP's support stance is on the HBA if I run a QLogic driver? How will this affect me?

Also, any idea when HP will support the curent linux drivers from QLogic? 8.01.06 has been out since Nov '06.

Stephen Kebbell
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Re: QLogic Drivers on HP HBA


it should not be a problem. We have lots of HP Proliant Servers with HP-branded Qlogic HBAs. But we use EMC or HDS-approved drivers/BIOS depending on what storage is attached. You should use the drivers that the storage vendor recommends.