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Qlogic FCA2217 Registry settings

Christian Bieletzki
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Qlogic FCA2217 Registry settings

I am still putting research in our issue of toggling MSA1000 controllers. I compared the registry settings for the driver with the attached document for the QLOGIC Adapters (page 6)

The default value should be "UseSameNN=0"

Please see here the results for our servers

Server1 UseSameNN=0;IntMode=5,IntDelay=10
Server2 UseSameNN=0;
Server3 UseSameNN=1;
Server4 UseSameNN=0;IntMode=5,IntDelay=10
Server5 UseSameNN=0;IntMode=5,IntDelay=10

The Driver in Device manager are ok, they are all equal:
Qlocic Adapter-> Manufacturer Qlogic, Date 04/08/2004; Version
Secure Path Disk Bus-> Manufacturer Compaq, Date 05/19/2004; Version

What shall I do concerning the registry parameters?
To justify : At Server2 we swapped the adapters from slot to slot so the driver has been reinstalled with the default parameters.
For Server3 I don't know how the value came to "1".
Which registry parameter shall I set on all controllers?

Kind regards
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Re: Qlogic FCA2217 Registry settings

Hi Christian,

Perhaps I do not understand your question thoroughly, but why do you need to manually play around with the FCA driver's registry parameters. Yes, I know that the defaullt FCA Driver's parameters on Windows need tweaking for better performance such as setting the correct qdepth values, etc. But this is why you install the appropriate platform kit - for the old HSG80 based arrays, if i remember it correctly there used to be a multi-bus switch software that you had to install to get all your registry parameters correct. For EVAs, all you need to do is to install the correct platform kit and you are far as I know.

Am I on the right track or completely offline?

Good luck.

Christian Bieletzki
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Re: Qlogic FCA2217 Registry settings

I have the problem that securePath switches back and forth between the paths sometimes and I don't know why. I have the same infrastructure set up in another location but with emulex instead of qlogic cards and it works fine. Therefore I'm investigating "in deep" all the reasons for this and came as well to these registry parameters. Isn't it strange that we have 3 different driver settings but the servers, drivers, cards and firmware is all equal across this infrastructure.

I'm wondering if I should reset them all to one standard...