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Qlogic failover on EVA8000

Fernando Boza
Regular Advisor

Qlogic failover on EVA8000


I have one Proliant BL25p server with the Qlogic mezzanine card installed.

The these server is running Red Hat AS3 Update 5 (x86_64)

This server are connected to an EVA8000 and I have presented two luns to the server with OS Type set to Sun Solaris.

When I install the hp driver pack on the server and run lssd (fibreutils) it lists the device multiple times ( the Qlogic driver isn´t masking the multipath LUNS )

AS3 ># lssd
sda 1,0,0,1 HP HSV210 5020 5000-1fe1-5006-b17c
sdb 1,0,0,2 HP HSV210 5020 5000-1fe1-5006-b17c
sdc 1,0,1,1 HP HSV210 5020 5000-1fe1-5006-b178
sdd 1,0,1,2 HP HSV210 5020 5000-1fe1-5006-b178
sde 1,0,2,1 HP HSV210 5020 5000-1fe1-5006-b17e
sdf 1,0,2,2 HP HSV210 5020 5000-1fe1-5006-b17e
sdg 1,0,3,1 HP HSV210 5020 5000-1fe1-5006-b17a
sdh 1,0,3,2 HP HSV210 5020 5000-1fe1-5006-b17a

So questions:

Should I see multiple devices per LUN on AS3 ?