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Qlogic vs Emulex HBA Card

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Qlogic vs Emulex HBA Card

We had initially bought a DL580 server using the Qlogic HBA Card (FCA2214 2Gb FC HBA for Linux and Windows - 281541-B21) then later add on another server (the new server comes with Emulax HBA)- (HP FC2142SR 4GB PCI-e HBA
- A8002A) as a cluster.

The Cluster work fine but when the user go to the disk managment, both servers show differently. In node 1 when the cluster fails over to node 2, the disk management did not show any shared disk which is normal. But when node 2 fails over to node 1, the disk management shows unknown disk.

Could it be the brand (Qlogic vs Emulex) difference that is causing this problem? Or could it be the driver issue?

James Muell
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Re: Qlogic vs Emulex HBA Card

More that likely. Hardware on cluster nodes needs to be the same on all nodes. Your now running diffent drivers not to mention different generations of HBAs and possibly servers. I would not recommend this configuration in a production environment. Given the information you shared, you may not see your luns in a failovet at some point.