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Queries about multipathing involving 2 ML570G3 and 1 MSA500

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Queries about multipathing involving 2 ML570G3 and 1 MSA500


I have 2 servers (ML570G3) in a clustered environment. Both installed with MS Windows Server 2003 Ent Edt. Both are attached to a MSA500. Each server has total of 6 ethernet connections in which 2 are teamed and 1 is configured to be the heartbeat between the 2 servers. Each server has also 2 dual channel Smart Array controller 642 installed and are attached to the MSA 500. Multipathing was configured. Each server was partitioned with 2 drives (C:\OS, D:\DATA). Shared storage (E:\DATA1, F:\DATA2, Q:\Quorum) was configured and can be detected by both servers.

Assuming my secondary server is down, my cluster will auto shift the package to primary server and i have to re-install OS on secondary server.

I re-installed OS on the secondary server, teamed the 2 ethernet connections and 1 as heartbeat and configured IP. Did i missed out any steps up till this point of restoring the secondary server?? or are my steps wrong?

In order to let my secondary server to detect the shared storage, i have to install multipath and my concern is i have to unplug the scsi cables first in order to install the multipath. Upon plugging the cables, will it affect/hang my primary server and the MSA operations?

Urgent help needed... Thanks!!