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Question about P2000 10Gb connectors, etc...

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Question about P2000 10Gb connectors, etc...

Looking at picking up a P2000 for a vSphere 5 setup. Particularily the dual controller 10Gb model...


Few questions, I've spend 10+ hours reading quickspecs, compatibility documents, etc... I'm only firmiliar with 10GbBaseT, I know NOTHING about SFP+ ports, DAC cables, etc...


1) If we already had 2 Netgear 10Gb switches with two SFP+ ports in each, could we use a DAC cable to connect the P2000 to it? Does DAC have to have the same manufactorer on both sides?


2) Looking at the quickspecs, it doesn't say exactly what type of connect the 10Gb controller has. In the cabling section it refers to two types of cables, the DAC cables, and 10Gb Copper which from pictures I've seen look different. Why is it referencing that both connectors are valid when they look completely different. What type of connector does this baby have?




Normally I'd recommend throwing in an HP switch, but this solution is already costing a fortune and I'm right on budget.


Ultimately, if possible, I'd like to have a P2000 with dual 10Gb controllers, hooked up to 2 X Netgear 12 port Switches (each with 2 SFP+ ports), and then 2 DL360p Gen8s with 10GbBASE-T connected to the Neatgear switches to access storage, both servers running ESXi.


I thought of just sticking in recommended controllers in to the DL360 and using SFP+ to SFP+ DAC, but being able to use the switches would be nice in the event we add a 3rd ESXi host in the future.