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Questions about SecurePath4 and Win2000Adv Cluster

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Questions about SecurePath4 and Win2000Adv Cluster

I have a trouble with Secure Path 4 in Cluster.

I tested with next hardware:
Two Proliants DL380
Two HBA 176479-B21 in each
One integrated+one 10/100 PCI NIC in each
Two Fibre Channel Storage Switch 8 380591-B21
MA6000 (One Model 2100 Controller Enclosure
Two HSG60 Controller w/256-MB cache (8.6L)
Two Cache Battery 135823-B21
Two Model 4214R Single Bus, Single Power )

I make HA/F 500 solution.
I create three volumes on MA6000
I setup Win 2000 Adv on each
Next I set Win2000 Sp2
Next set Secure Path.

In this conf. all working fine.

I setup Active Directory, Cluster Service on one node, again install Service Pack2 for Win2000.
I preserve original compaq drivers.
Second node is power off.
I run Secure Path 4.
I turn on Load Balansing Round-robin. And I see that status links changed from Active to Available. My volumes on MA6000 from on-line to unreadeble, simple I lost my SAN paths to Storage. Reboots node doesn't effect. Disks still unreadable.
If I disconnect and connect back optic cable from both GBIC then I can't get from failed state automaticaly. In this moment I lose control.

How I can get Secure Path 4 working fine in cluster with redundancy paths?

Best regards, Vladimir

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Re: Questions about SecurePath4 and Win2000Adv Cluster


The minimum supported SP for Secure Path 4.0 is SP3. I'm attaching a link to the HSG80/60 suport matrix. Please ensure that everything is up to the rev levels.

I don't think it's a secure path issue though. One way to test is to remove secure path or disable it, disconnect a fibre connection ( so that your OS does not see multiple paths to the same disks) and determine if it's a clustering issue. I don't know why you reisntalled SP2 though but that could have overwritten some drivers as well.