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Questions re: MSA 2040 config

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Questions re: MSA 2040 config

Greetings all!


I'm working on a config right now for my business including a MSA 2040 (hoping to use 10Gb iSCSI, for direct connection to 2 servers).


Now as you all know, the Quickspecs mention that you HAVE to use either FC or iSCSI SFP modules. On a side note, it clearly states that the 1Gb iSCSI has RJ-45 ends, however it mentions nothing about the 10Gb SFP modules.


I was told that I could use DAC cables to connect the MSA2040 to the servers, but I'd have to purchase the "4 pack - 10Gb iSCSI SFP module pack".


What I don't understand, is that I was under the understanding that the DAC cables are terminated with SFPs on the end. So I thought these would go right in to the SFP ports on the MSA 2040. However, according to Quickspecs only the "required" 10gb iSCSI SFP works? So does the DAC cable plug in to this 10Gb iSCSI SFP module?


So can you use DAC? Do the DAC cables connect to the 10Gb SFP?


It sounds as if the 10Gb mandatory iSCSI SFP is actually a fiber module?


Can someone please help shed some light?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Questions re: MSA 2040 config

Just to add some more information.


After 4 hours of googling and reading documents. There's still conflicting information. The MSA 2040 Quickspecs state you HAVE to use the 4 pack 10Gb iSCSI Fiber modules.


I found a seperate document outlining the upgrade process from an earlier MSA module to a MSA 2040 which specifies that you CAN use the DAC cables in the Quickspecs on the MSA 2040 controllers.


Still conflicting.

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Re: Questions re: MSA 2040 config

Just an update for anyone who is interested.


I've confirmed with some internal people that the controllers are compatible with DAC cables, however with the purchase of the MSA 2040, an order of the SFP modules are mandatory.


No biggie, as I'm going to use the 1 4-pack of 1Gig RJ-45 SFP+ modules, this will allow me to connect some older servers to the unit, and use the DACs for the new stuff.