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RA4000/RA4100 console cable pinout

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RA4000/RA4100 console cable pinout

Dear colleagues,

Does anybody know pinout of Compaq RA4000 controller console connector or pinout of RA4000-to-PC cable.
Controller equipped with 6-pin midi-Din connector.

Thanks for any help.
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Re: RA4000/RA4100 console cable pinout

I dont beleive there is a way to connect to the RA4000\4100 through a console. I worked on the storage team supporting the EVAs, MA's and MSA1000\RA boxes and I never had to connect to the RA4100 via the console. I know engineering would use the console to collect data from the RA4000\4100 but that is the only reason I know for a console connection. If you dont mind me asking, what information are you trying to get from the RA4000 controller console?