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RA4100 MSA1500cs Array Migration

Randall Wert
New Member

RA4100 MSA1500cs Array Migration

We have two existing RA4100 chassis - firmware rev 2.60. Host OS NW6.5, One large array, with 3 logical volumes - raid 5. Identical configuration for both chassis.

The MSA1000 information states that I can simply move the drives from the RA4100 to an existing MSA1000 power the system up and it will recognize the volumes, I have read the various available documents on the procedure.

Trying this procedure on our new MSA1500cs, seeing as it's basically a MSA1000 controller doesn't work. The existing array/volumes do not get recognized bye the controller on the MSA1500. I have tried this with two seperate Array sets from two different RA4100's.



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