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RA4100 & FCA2101

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RA4100 & FCA2101

We are upgrading a 2 NT4 sp6a cluster (2 Proliant 3000) to W2k sp4 (with 2 new ML370 G3 with FCA2101 Fibre cards).

The SAN is composed by a redundant (2) Fibre Hub connected to two RA4100 cabinets.

We already replaced one of the nodes but although the disks are visible, it doesn't works "fine" (Array configuration utility report error trying to access the RA4100 cointroller, even with the cluster disk disabled and the NT4 node down).

So we think it could be any firmware / FCA "tunning" issue, do you think the same?

Do you think we should use Securepath software for this configuration?

Could it be a mixed "Nt4-W2k" configuration issue?
Anyone has any experience / comment on this configuration ?

Thank you very much for your time!