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RA4100 & FCAL Switch

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RA4100 & FCAL Switch

We have a customer with a FCAL switch connected to an RA4100 and 2 G1 ML370's. Every week or so, we start getting alot of IO errors on the servers and lose access to the filesystems. We tried flashing the FCAL switch w/ the latest firmware(1.20-G13). When we lose connectivity to the filesystems on the ra4100 we have to bring everything down, and crank it back up again to get it going. We've replaced the GBICs but that hasn't seemed to help.

The servers are running Redhat 7.3 w/ a 2.4.20 vanilla kernel with XFS support added. When the problems start occuring the console prints a whole bunch of these symbols "#LDn#".

Any ideas?