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RA8000 from Mothballs

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RA8000 from Mothballs

I have a RA8000 that hasn't been used in a while. I'd like to bring it up to speed.

Not having a lot of experience with it, I'd apprecaite a heads up with dealing with the following:
I get the message "Mirror cache batter is near its end of life...." What is the part number.

Firmware is v86g-4, do I need to upgrade it? How do I upgrade it?

I often have the message "other controller restarted" What do I do for that?

Uwe Zessin
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Re: RA8000 from Mothballs

Current HSG80 firmware is V8.8-4, as far as I can tell. You need to get hold of two new firmware cards to be able to upgrade, but make sure that you have the required minimum amount of cache memory. I don't have the specs for 8.8 ready, but I think it's at least 64MB.

The "G" version provides only FC_AL support - it depends on your future environment if you need a different version (and even more cache memory).

The message is in an 'error buffer' and repeated for every CLI request.
> clear_error cli_error
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Re: RA8000 from Mothballs

Thank you for that information.

Does anyone have part numbers on the cache batteries?