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RAID 5 Disk Expansion on MSA30/HPDL380G5

James Rapula
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RAID 5 Disk Expansion on MSA30/HPDL380G5

I want to expand Array & logical disk space on RAID to address high demand.

Server OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 SP1/(or Sp2)
Server Hardware: HP DL 380 G5
Disk Tray: 2 X MSA-30 Single Channel

Most of the share data is on 1 MSA-30, populated with 8 x 300GB SCS u320 HDD. There's only 1 Array and 1 logical drive configured using HP Disk Array configuration utility (ACU). I have now run out of disk space. I'm planning to expand the array/logical disk space by adding 2 or 3 more 300GB drives of the same make/model without loosing data in a shortest time possible.

I understand from all your notes in this forum that this can be done however, my concern is the type of hardware involved.

Is this possible? Can I use the same tool (ACU)?
What is the expected downtime?

Any other helpful hints will be much welcome.

James Muell
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Re: RAID 5 Disk Expansion on MSA30/HPDL380G5

Yes, you can add disks to an existing array and expand the array and logical using the ACU tools. I used ACU 7.85. After expansion the initiaization of the new space does not occur until after I/O begins writing to the disks.

You can view the progress of the expansion by clicking on the Logical Drive and then selecting 'More Information'. This may take sometime so schedule around it.

An array rebuild when one of the disks fails will take a long time and depending on things like drive firmware you may have additional problems.

You should test this on a separate server if possible so you know how it works.

I would add one disk at a time because the new space will need to initialize and until thats completed drive performance may be less the optimum.

I have to tell you that given the size of the logical you already have, I would not add more space. I hope you have this logical backed up. That is all! GL!
James Rapula
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Re: RAID 5 Disk Expansion on MSA30/HPDL380G5

Thanks JM

Your respond actually gives me the confidence to plan on the disk expansion tasks.

Re backup, yes, we do have daily, weekly and monthly backup of the whole system including the logical disk in question and quite comfortable with it so won't have any issues. If things go wrong, all the better so I can rebuild the disk :-)

Thanks once again.