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REPLICATIONS "Master MSA2052" to "slave MSA 2052"


REPLICATIONS "Master MSA2052" to "slave MSA 2052"

Hi !


We have two SAN MSA 2052 in our datacenter.

The first MSA2052 (SAN01) is in production. It's connected on 3 hypervisor ESX through an 10Gb ISCSI câble.

The second MSA2052 (SAN02) is setup and it's connected on the same 3 hypervisor but he hasn't LUN.

An 10gb ISCSI cable is connected on the two san :

  • SAN 01 - ip on ISCSI port 4B :
  • SAN 02 - ip on ISCSI port 4B :


I want setup an replication from the LUN of the SAN01  to the SAN02 for have an security hardware backup.

I have tried to create peer connection but i have an connexion's error.

  1. There is tutorial or guide for setup that ?
  2. What is the best practice ?
  3. There is a metode for switch to lun's san01 to lun's SAN02 on ESXi ?

I have read the hp msa 2050 documentation but i can't do it.

Thank u for their help




Re: REPLICATIONS "Master MSA2052" to "slave MSA 2052"

You can check the below "MSA Remote Snap Software" technical whitepaper,



Hope this helps!

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