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RSM job failure

Dani Reseco
Occasional Contributor

RSM job failure

Sometimes when executing RSM jobs, they fail showing the message:
"Error: the StorageSystem object (ef40167c-b20d-4b91-9552-abc29255a750) required for this action was not found in the database.

Please perform a global refresh. if the problem still persists contact customer support"

the StorageSystem object code is allways the same.

The jobs came from the same template: only vdisk name and snapshot name varies from one to another.

what this messages refers to? how can be avoided? how can a Global refresh be forzed?
Pelletier Eric
Occasional Contributor

Re: RSM job failure

Hi Dani
I think that I have the same problem.
Look at the configuration of the Management server. Is the authentication of the storage system is in a good status ?
If not, the sorage agent login is misconfigured.
Have you update RSM after you install CV EVA ?
The login password in storage agent login must be the same as when you install CV EVA.
The question is how change this login ?

Eric Pelletier