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RSM on a Windows 2003 DC

Matthew Tidgewell
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RSM on a Windows 2003 DC

Can I install an RSM host agent on a DC. I created the Domain Local group and Java JRE just like my member servers, but I stall can't add it as a Managed Host, I still get a login credential Error. Is it ossible?
Sheldon Smith

Re: RSM on a Windows 2003 DC

I would not think there would be anything special in the way it connects to a DC host agent vs. any other system's host agent. I take it you are using host-enabled authentication. Have you created the "HP Host Agent Admins" group on the DC? Did you spell it *correctly*? Did you check it again? (It is case-sensitive. That got me the first time.) Did you assign the desired user(s) to the group?

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