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RSM : unmount and present host volume


RSM : unmount and present host volume

Hi everybody,

I discovering RSM product whith interest.
I've script which permit to unpresent hostvolume to another host enabled. The script doesn't return any errors. But, the source host is already presented to the Lun.

// Unmount existing host volume(s).
// Assign some variables that will be used in this job.
$hostvol_unc1 = SetVariable ( "\\backup\Z:\" )
$mount_host = SetVariable ( "serv1" )
// Validate that resources are as expected.
ValidateHost ( $mount_host )
ValidateHostVolume ( $hostvol_unc1 )
// Unmount the volume(s).
E1: UnmountHostVolume ( $hostvol_unc1 )
E2: PresentStorageVolume ( "\\EVA-MDD\backup\Vdisk001", "serv1", 248, READ_WRITE )
E3: MountHostVolume ( $hostvol_unc1, "y:" )
Exit ( SUCCESS )

Can you help me for unpresent the lun to the source host ?