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Ra8000, Emulex Lp7000, KGPSA drivers and Windows 2003

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Ra8000, Emulex Lp7000, KGPSA drivers and Windows 2003

I am setting up a used Ra8000 in an arbitrated loop and need some help. I think I hit a wall on my setup.

Here is the setup:
--- The servers are the Compaq 8500's running Windows 2003 Enterprise edition
--- The FC HBA's are the Emulex LP7000e's
--- All (SAN and Servers) are connected to a 12port Compaq FC hub

This is a development network used for a proof of concept on a new database app.

My question is .. does any of the KGPSA-BC (Emulex LP7000e) drivers from Compaq/HP work with Windows 2003. I am thinking the answer is a resounding NO.

Everytime I install the drivers and reboot I receive a nice BSOD. I have to used last known config to recover. I can install the newest drivers from Emulex with no issue. I can see the SAN with the Emulex HBAnywhere software so I know the FC-AL loop is working.

I think my issue is that the Compaq Storageworks agent is written to use the specific drivers (the CQP KGPSA drivers) and without them I will not get connected to the raidset on the SAN.

Can someone please tell me:
1) Do/Can these drivers work in Windows 2003
2) Am I correct in thinking that this is my issue as to why I can not see the storage sets on the SAN.

I am not against moving these servers back to Windows 2000 Adv server if need be.

Thank you in advance

Re: Ra8000, Emulex Lp7000, KGPSA drivers and Windows 2003


I was just wondering if you ever received an answer to your post. I am trying to upgrade some servers to Windows 2003 Server using an EMA12000 and an ESA12000 and Compaq hubs. I too BSOD when using the Compaq drivers for 2000, so I installed the latest Emulex like you, and can also see the SAN, but cannot access the drive in the OS.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Re: Ra8000, Emulex Lp7000, KGPSA drivers and Windows 2003

As I know,you need to set the HBA link tape to loop.