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Re-organise disks on P2000

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Re-organise disks on P2000

We have a P2000 with a DS2700 attached.  These are connected to a 3-node Hyper-v 2012 cluster.

There are 4 clusters Shared Volumes over the P2000 and DS2700 hosting different VMs and services.



slots 1-12 = First CSV

slots 13 - 2 (on DS2700)  = second CSV


Slots 3 - 9 = Third CSV

Slots 10 - 11 = Forth CSV


It has come to the point where we need to start expanding these clusters.


What would be the best way to do this and keep things organised. I would like the disks for each cluster to still sit together?


Would I be able to move a cluster set to different slots. For example can I take the disks in the third and forth CSV and move them to the last slots in the DS2700?

I have read that the disk configs are stored on the actual disks so if I moved the actual disks what would happen?