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Re-using an HP P2000 G3 SAN on the local LAN

Tom Lyczko
Super Advisor

Re-using an HP P2000 G3 SAN on the local LAN

We presently have an HP P2000 G3 SAN being used with VMware.

It has its network configuration done such that its SAN traffic is on a separate VLAN etc. wrt VMware.

Later on when this P2000 SAN is replaced I want to make it usable and visible to our regular network instead of isolated.

Do I do this by simply changing all the network configurations of the connections with LAN IPs instead of the current IPs that keep it in its separate VLAN??

Or do I do something else etc.??

Thank you, Tom

Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Re-using an HP P2000 G3 SAN on the local LAN

There is a reason why it is isolated.  The appropriate option would be to configure an additional NIC or 2 in the hosts that you want to access the storage on the isolated network.


Outside of going to that extreme, yes, you should be able to reconfigure the networking to work in an existing production environment... but you need to take into consideration the reasons why it is isolated.

Storage based traffic over IP is somewhat different than standard IP based traffic and requires certain settings to be efficient.  If you are simply looking for quick and easy storage access and don't care about performance... have at it.  Change the IP's, rconnect to the LAN.... configure your iSCSI initiators and present storage.



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