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Reclaim unused storage

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Reclaim unused storage

MSA P2000 G3

Need to reclaim the disk space from Vdisk that is no longer in use.  Do I just simply delete the volume and Vdisk, then from an in-use volume and select Expand?  If yes, can I expand the active volume live, will it affect the performance during teh expansion?

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Re: Reclaim unused storage

With linear storage, the size of a volume cannot be any greater than the size of the vdisk it is contained on. So, deleting an ununused (unrelated) volume and vdisk won't inherintly do anything to increase the space available to the vdisk housing your volume. However, depending on the characteristics of the vdisk containing the volume you want to increase, you may be able to add disks to it to first expand the vdisk. After the vdisk is expanded, you can expand the volume. Finally, you'll use the OS side tools to make the OS aware of the expanded disk.


Take a look at page 97 and 100 of

it should tell you everything you need to know. Expanding the vdisk can take days and will likely lead to some performance impact (hard to quantify exactly). Expanding the volume is usually instant. 

If you can delete, or relocate, any volumes on the housing vdisk then you can simply expand the volume and move on. If not, consider the above. 

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