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Re: RedHat 3ES and MSA1000 Mirror

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RedHat 3ES and MSA1000 Mirror

Is it possible to mirror two MSA1000 san enclosures, if the hosts are running an Oracle 9i RAC on Redhat 3ES. Currently I have a 9i RAC with ocfs connecting to just one MSA, but I would like to mirror the two MSA's to increase resilience. The hosts have multipath drivers installed. Unfortunatley I cannot upgrade oracle to 10g. The two oracle nodes and MSA's are in different buildings, but have Fibre connecting them.

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Andy Hopkins
Steven Clementi
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Re: RedHat 3ES and MSA1000 Mirror


There is no Hardware Replication available for the MSA1000. Only Software Replication is available.

Normally, I would suggest OV Storage mirroring or Veritas Volume Replicator, but I believe they are Windows Only. Veritas VR is questionable and OVSM is a definite no go.

If you can find something that runs on Linux for Data Replication, then it should work.

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