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Replacing a Failed Disk in msa 2040

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Replacing a Failed Disk in msa 2040

hi i created 3 disk group for auto tiering Pool. one of nlSAS hard faiel due unkown resason. sadly i hadent spare disk i Replaced a Failed Disk but the disk could join the group and hard led is turned off . what should i do


Re: Replacing a Failed Disk in msa 2040



Make sure the drive is not DOA

Assign the drives as a global spare.


To change the system’s global spares

1. In the Configuration View panel, right-click the system and select Provisioning > Manage Global Spares. The main panel shows information about available disks in the system. Existing spares are labeled GLOBAL SP.

 In the Disk Sets table, the number of white slots in the Disks field shows how many spares you can add.

 In the Graphical or Tabular view, only existing global spares and suitably available disks are selectable.

2. Select spares to remove, disks to add as spares, or both.

3. Click Modify Spares. If the task succeeds, the panel is updated to show which disks are now global spares. 





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Re: Replacing a Failed Disk in msa 2040

I realize this thread is a few years old but it's pretty relevant to my situation. I've got a degraded SSD in a LINEAR configuration with RAID1 (mirroring). So two disks in the pool - one of them is borked. After I replace the bad drive...??

It seems this operation is different than replacing a disk that's part of a Virtual Volume. I've read that I need to assign it as Dedicated Spare but how to accomplish that is not totally obvious to me.

Anyone done this before?

Re: Replacing a Failed Disk in msa 2040


Please find the details, (Page no 93)

To change the dedicated spares of a disk group
1.In the Pools topic, select the linear pool for the disk group that you are modifying in the pools table. Then, select the disk group in the Related Disk Groups table.
2.Select Action > Change Disk Group Spares. The Change Disk Group Spares panel opens.
3.To add dedicated spares, select available disks. SPARE appears on each selected disk.
4.To remove dedicated spares, select current spares. SPARE no longer appears on the selected disk(s).
5.Click Change.6.To close the confirmation panel, click OK


Hope this helps!

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