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Replication between 2 x MSA 2052

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Replication between 2 x MSA 2052

Hi all,

we are studying the implementation of a DR site with a twin MSA 2052 setup as the Remote Snap licenses are included. I know that the MSA2040 series support both type of replication, Linear and Virtual while the MSA 2050 series support only Virtual which has it's caveats. Based on the replication white paper it is stated that with Virtualized replication ALL connected ports must be accessible on the same network (while with linear it is suggested but not obligatory) - now to my question: in order to avoid adding 2 x 10Gbit switches to the local site, we would connect the local MSA 2052 to 3 hosts directly with the SFP+ cables, using 2 connections per host (one per MSA controller) so in total 6 for full redundancy. The last (4rth) ports of each controller would be connected to a gbit switch and router going to the remote site (so it's segmented from the other 6 ports) to "talk" to the other MSA which has all it's ports connected to gbit switches. Is there any possible way this configuration would work by enforcing or tieing the 2 ports of the local MSA to a specific replica set for ex.?



Re: Replication between 2 x MSA 2052

Hi ,

I understand that out of four port per controller , you intend to connect three ports for direct connect to Host HBA 

and the fourth port you will be connecting to a Ehternet switch , which in turn will connect to " Router " to connect to other site.

I do not see anything wrong in this setup and this should work. The management port of both the MSA need to be in the same network.


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I am a HPE employee

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Re: Replication between 2 x MSA 2052


As you have already populated 3 ports with 10GbE iSCSI SFP+, the 4th port also need to be populated with 10GbE SFP+.

For supported configuration for mixing SFPs, please refer to page 4/28



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