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Replication with HP Clusterpackage

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Replication with HP Clusterpackage


I have an after Sales challenge. Our Customer ordered a HP Packaged Cluster (HP PackagedCluster DL380G4 / 1xMSA500) SN: GB8731P8SA to his available Cluster. This Cluster is equal to the new one.
On these both Cluster runs SQL 2005.

After the complete Installation of the Cluster the Customer told us, that he want redundancy on both MSA500. That means the Data on the MSA500 should be replicate to the other MSA500.

The Problem is, that both Cluster (one Cluster consist of two DL380G4 Host) runs separately.

The challenge is to replicate the primary-data of the First MSA500 to the second MSA500 and inversely.
One both MSA500 is enough HDD capacity.

How can we solve the problem?
Can we solve the Problem with Hp Storage Works Mirroring Server Software, or can you recommend an other solution?

many thanks,

Ayhat Aslan



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