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Resetting IP on Brocade 4/12 SAN Switch - Connectivity impact between blades and SAN?

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Resetting IP on Brocade 4/12 SAN Switch - Connectivity impact between blades and SAN?

I apologize for the somewhat basic question here, but it’s my first time working with HP Blades and I inherited a system that wasn’t documented well. 


We have a BLC3000 server with three blades running our VMWare infrastructure, which is all of our production Windows servers (DC, Exchange, etc.).  The storage for this system is an EVA4400 SAN.    The blade enclosure has two Brocade 4/12 SAN Switch for HP c-Class BladeSystem switches in interconnect bays 2 and 3.  All connectivity to the SAN is currently through interconnect bay 2 because we only have one mezzanine card on the blades.    (So essentially the switch in Bay 2 is production, the one in Bay 3 is not.)


Our Onboard Administrator hardware failed after a scheduled shutdown and was replaced.  We didn’t have a copy of the configuration script available (at the time ;) so we used the default configuration (we knew its former IP).  The Brocade switches picked up IP addresses via DHCP instead of their previous static IPs.


Once the dust settled, I was able to change the configuration on the non-production switch to use a static IP (and enable the EBIPA properly).  I’d like to do the same for the production switch.  I’ve got it stabilized for the time being by setting DHCP reservations and the EBIPA address to the IP address it picked up from DHCP. 


I’m planning to do so by telnetting to the OA IP and running “connect interconnect 2” to get to the console, then running IPADDRSET.   (Setting it as the EBIPA address would do the trick except for the “DHCP off” part.)


My question is:  what impact does changing the IP address have on connectivity between the blade servers and the SAN?  Will the blades lose connectivity to the SAN disks when the IP address changes?   Or will it just reset the IP, internal web server, etc. without interrupting connectivity between the blades and the EVA?  I’d prefer to not have to shut all the VMs down first (to avoid funkiness when the blade can’t communicate with the disk that holds the VM file) but I will if I have to. 


Any links to resources that would help me out with similar basic questions would be appreciated.  (I have the “resetting passwords to factory default” one.  Yeah, I should have done the IP address at the same time, but it was somewhat of an emergency and I didn't think to ask.)


Thanks for your time/consideration.