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Retention count not reducing (P2000 G3)

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Retention count not reducing (P2000 G3)



We're having an issue with our P2000 G3 SAN - we have created a replicated volume on our primary site, and configured replication to a remote secondary volume, and all is working fine. When we initially set it up the retention count for replication images/snapshots was set to 10, we have since reduced this to 3 via the 'replication images to retain' setting in the schedule.


The issue is that even though this change has been accepted and the replication has taken place 5 times since the schedule was changed (I understand that when the schedule runs is supposed to 'pick up' changes in config) the numer of images/snaps at our primary site is still 10 replication images and snapshots - shouldn't this have reduced to 3 in line with the settings?


I appreciate that the replication images and snapshots will continue to grow at the remote secondary site until the vDisk is full (very silly if you ask me!) but we really need to get the retention of these in our primary site to reduce.





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Re: Retention count not reducing (P2000 G3)

Scratch that, changed and re-applied the different retention count setting, and now seems to be working fine. Must just have not accepted the new config first time out, needed doing again to confirm.