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Re: SAN Problem

Leif Halvarsson_2
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SAN Problem

I have configured a small SAN in our test enviroment for SAN backup testings.

Two Compaq Proliant DL380R G3 X2800x2 with Qlogic QLA2310F HBA. One of this run W2000 sp2 and the other NetWare 6.0 NW6SP2.

One MSL 5030 library with Compaq E1200 Storage router.

One Qlogic SanBox 2 switch.

The servers and the storage router is connected to separate ports (F-ports) on the switch (router: port 0, W2000: port1, NetWare: port 2). The ports is zoned as follow:
Zone a: 0-1
Zone b: 0-2

When no backup is running the Windows port is silent. But on the NetWare port there is always some traffic. About once evry hour I get some errors and LIPs on the NetWare port (see the attached file for the NetWare port statistics) .

If a backup is running when this occurs the backup fails.

Is it a configuration problem with the HBA or a NetWare problem (or perhaps some other problem) ?

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Joaquin Gil de Vergara
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Re: SAN Problem

this is because netware port is set as NL-Port (quick-loop) and windows port as N-Port (Fabric)

Backups in Quick-Loop topology are not supported and it gives somes of problems

try to set the HBA to fabric mode and try again!

good luck!
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