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SAN Switch 2/16V time setup

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SAN Switch 2/16V time setup


I have an HP SAN Switch 2/16V and it seems that internally it has wrong time. I can't find any references in the printed user manuals' as well as on the HP web site.

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Re: SAN Switch 2/16V time setup

I am waiting for a 2/16V to play with (and I haven't looked into a manual), so I can't tell for sure, but on the older switches it is the 'date' command.

Try 'help date'.
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Re: SAN Switch 2/16V time setup


the 2/16V (or Brocade 3850) is running Fabric OS 4.2. It provides the same commands that you know from past B-series switch models.

So to adjust the switch internal time you can enter the date command. The date and time are specified in the following format, as used on many UNIX systems:

switch:admin> date "mmddHHMMyy"
mm is the month, 01â 12
dd is the date, 01â 31
HH is the hour, 00â 23
MM is minutes, 00â 59
yy is the year, 00â 99
Year values greater than 69 are taken to indicate 1970â 1999; year values less than
70 are taken to indicate 2000â 2069.

If you want to use NTP to synchronize the switch time with a time server please use the tsclockserver and tstimezone comma
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