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SAN Switch replacement

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SAN Switch replacement

I need to replace a B series SAN Switch 4/16 with a B series SAN switch 4/64. While researching the use of uploading and downloading config files I discovered a recommendation not to use config files from different models of switches. Would anyone know of any documentation or whitpapers detailing the best procedure to perform this migration.


Chris Rosan
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Re: SAN Switch replacement


How much do you have configured on the switch? is it mainly zoneing stuff you want to bring across?

I take it your're also trying to keep downtime to a minimum.

I can think of a couple of ways you can get around this:

Export the config from the old and the new switches - then copy the parts that you want to bring across into the exported config from the new switch (i'd make a copy first) and re-import it.


Depending on your licences on the switches, connect the new switch to your existing fabric. You should then be able to setup the Zone's and/or have them migrate into this switch. Save the config and then swap in the new switch.
James Muell
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Re: SAN Switch replacement

Is this switch in a fabric? Is it redundant? If you added the switch to the fabric, you could add a new port alias to the zone and move the cable. There would be minimal downtime for the host. Later remove the old port. etc etc.