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SAN connectivity

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SAN connectivity

Hi guys, 

I have two servers, an MSA, and two Aruba 3810 as attached. I dont have a SAN switch, and wondering how this connectivity will be done. Can i still use the same switches for both SAN and server uplinks?




Re: SAN connectivity

If we talk about the hardware you have mentioned in the worksheet, both MSA 2052 Storage and Aruba 3810M Switch support SPF+ devices ( let’s park the question on server and switch uplink aside for a while)


It must be understood that every SFP+ device has a set of SFPs that it supports (Transceivers and DACs), and every switch model that supports SFP+ device has a choice of uplinks.

Choice of uplinks: − SFP+ uplink models: provide fiber-optic (up to 70 km) or direct-attach-cable (DAC) connectivity.

Both options are available to build an Ethernet connection as Aruba 3810M switch model offers that functionality.


Please refer page 4-

Now, talking about the ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Server, the worksheet includes HPE FlexFabric 10Gb 2 port SPF+ adapter.

Thus, we have another end of the device establishing Ethernet Connection i.e.; SPF+ device.



The choice of uplinks depends on the type of Ethernet connection you want to build (Transceivers/DACs).

Supported cables must be connected to establish a device-to-device Ethernet connection.

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