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SAN pre-purchase advice

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SAN pre-purchase advice



We are about to buy a HP P2000 iSCSI MSA Dual Controller SAN solution. Pricing is very attractive right now with HPs 50% cashback offer. We will be maxing out the 12 bays with 2TB drives = total capacity 24TB.


Before we go ahead I just have a quick question Im hoping someone can answer for me..........


>> As I understand it - RAID covers us for drive failure and the dual controller for controller failure - but how do we implement this? Do I need to split into 2 seperate RAID arrays (12TB each) - one controller for each and mirror it with Remote Snap? Or is there a way I can use my full capacity but still be covered for controller failure.


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Re: SAN pre-purchase advice

Having dual path  from each host involved here to the MSA & having a multipathing software configured  will serve the purpose of controller failure redundancy.




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Re: SAN pre-purchase advice

Hi Hari,


Thanks for the reply. I understand a bit better now.....


So my setup would be SAN --- 2 cables --- SERVER (CentOS using the Device-Mapper Multipath feature -


And I can get the full capacity.


Sounds like the way to go.


Thanks again,

Mark :)