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SN6000 switchs lost password

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SN6000 switchs lost password

We have a sn6000 switch working but we can't manage it as we don't have the password and IP.

Is there any way to reset them to a default or know them?



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Re: SN6000 switchs lost password

The SN6000 switch has a maintenance button on the front panel. Its purpose is to reset the switch or to place the switch in maintenance mode. Maintenance mode sets the IP address to and provides access to the switch for maintenance purposes like Firmware becomes corrupt, IP address is lost, Password is forgotten, etc.


In these specific cases, you can recover the switch using maintenance mode. Maintenance mode
temporarily returns the switch IP address to and provides opportunities to do the following:

• Exiting the maintenance menu (option 0)
• Unpacking a firmware image file in maintenance mode (option 1)
• Resetting the network configuration in maintenance mode (option 2)
• Resetting user accounts in maintenance mode (option 3)
• Copying log files in maintenance mode (option 4)
• Removing the switch configuration in maintenance mode (option 5)
• Remaking the file system in maintenance mode (option 6)
• Resetting the switch in maintenance mode (option 7)
• Updating the boot loader in maintenance mode (option 8)


To recover the password of a switch:


1. Place the switch in maintenance mode by pressing and holding the Maintenance button (see attached picture) with a pointed tool until only the Heartbeat LED is illuminated, and then release the button. The Heartbeat LED illuminates continuously when the switch is in maintenance mode.


2. Establish a Telnet session with the switch using the maintenance mode IP address or use serial connection


3. Enter the maintenance mode account name (prom) and password (prom), and press Enter.
   Switch login: prom 
   Password: prom


4. The maintenance menu displays several recovery options. To select Resetting user accounts in maintenance mode, press the corresponding number (displayed in option: field) on the keyboard and press Enter.

The Reset User Accounts to Default option restores the password for the Admin account name to the default(password) and removes all other user accounts from the switch.


5. To return to normal operation, momentarily press and release the Maintenance button or power cycle the switch.
If you press 0, you leave the menue but still in maintenance mode


For more information refer to the SN6000 user guide (Page 11 and Page 57 onwards):






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