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SNMP Not sending traps to a trap reciever

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SNMP Not sending traps to a trap reciever

We have a MSA2312fc, and have configured informational events to be sent to a SNMP trap reciever on the network. 


We have also done the same for the HP Blade enclosure and this works fine!


I generate an informational event by restarting the managment controller, this is logged into the MSA event log but does not get sent to the Trap reciever. I have also used wireshark and no traffic is sent from the IP's of the SMA managment controllers.


It did however send one event out to the trap reciever, on the restrat of the MC, but this never worked again! see attached for the event i did get..


I also need the MIB file for the MSA - HP are looking into this..


Can anyone help...?


HP have not been able to help with this..waiting for L2 to assist..but they say the trap reciever needs to be SAN attached..this does not make sense as SNMP traps are sent accross the network.