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Re: San 16 2800 / 3800 Zoning question

Yuri Jossa
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San 16 2800 / 3800 Zoning question

I work with Shawn who posted the message below about implementing a core-edge topology using a SAN 16 (3800) as a core switch, and SAN 16 (2800) as an edge switches.
We have Zoning enabled on two 2800s.
The zoning cfg is named exactly the same on both switches.
We finally were able to connect one 2800 to the 3800. The zoning information replicated from the 2800 to the 3800 (which had no zoning)
The problem is when we connect a second 2800 to the 3800 we get a "zoning config" error on the edge switch (3800).

I did read the Brocade Zoning Reference Manual v2.0 and made sure that:
-The zone cfg is named the same on the 2800 switch as on the other two. (althought the zone contents are different)
-The zones names on the 2800 switch are not duplicated on the other two.

I was wondering if the only way to get this working is to delete the zoning info on the 2800 switch we are trying to add, add it to the fabric and then re-do the zoning info again.
That means we would have to re-do all the zoning for every cabinet we add to the global fabric!
Eugeny Brychkov
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Re: San 16 2800 / 3800 Zoning question

If you wish switch to be added to 'global' fabric you should have EXACT the same configuration in it. Port numbers, and even order how ports are described in the zoning config. So I believe there're two ways:
1. delete zoning config in the switch and add switch to the fabric to allow zoning config to be replicated to this switch;
2. take zoning config from the fabric, download it to the new switch and then connect switch to the fabric so this switch and fabric would have exactly the same zoning configuration
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Re: San 16 2800 / 3800 Zoning question

When connecting 2800 and 3800. Domian ID should be different, and there is a PID setting that needs to be set.

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Re: San 16 2800 / 3800 Zoning question

Suggest you check the domain id and cleal all zones sets in other 2800 switch.
And check the 2800 switch domain id and set circul id to 1.