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Searching for OID for monitoring HP P2000 G3


Searching for OID for monitoring HP P2000 G3

Hi There,

There are several items in this forum with the same question but no really solution. I also want to monitor my MSA, in my case with AutoTask Endpoint Management (RMM, AEM).

SNMP is succesfully working. I have searched with SNMP tester, SNMP Walk, etc. I can perform succesfull requests. For example the hostname has OID .  Bu I am uanble to find more needed info. The overal Health status, array status, disks, etc. I would like to monitor that.

Another example: OID . gives the value "On-Board Temperature 1-Ctlr A: 53 C 127.40F", but I just want 53 C so that I can use tresholds to create tickets.

I have looked into the MIB files that you can download but none of the items in the MIB will point me to the correct OID's.

Has somebody got this working? AEM Support cant help since the do not have the OID's.



Re: Searching for OID for monitoring HP P2000 G3


OIDs are defined in the SNMP MIB file which are sort of a 'codebook" for SNMP traps. By supplying the MIB files you have the second half of the OIDs. The first half of an OID is standard established "RFC" MIBs used worldwide.


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Re: Searching for OID for monitoring HP P2000 G3


I have downloaded the MIB files here:

The RFC file called RFC1213 helpt me a bit. But in that MIB I cannot find RAID informatie (OID).

In the other files when opening them with Paessler MIB importer no OID are found. It won't import them.

Do you have other suggestions?