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Secure Path on Cambex/AIX 5.2

Daniel Ramsey
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Secure Path on Cambex/AIX 5.2

Running Secure Path version and having problems with failing to alternate path. What benefits are there to upgrade to Secure Path 2.0 SP3? I am using Cambex HBA's on AIX 5.2, EVA5000, and Tivoli Storage Manager. TSM crashes when I attempt to simulate a SAN switch failover from switch A to switch B. I have all paths balanced out on each pair (4 HBA's total). I loose all Hdisks, which requires a hard reset. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Secure Path on Cambex/AIX 5.2

Hi Daniel..

You might want to take a look on Antemeta's multipathing software.. I can help you with further info if needed...