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Selective Storage Presentation Enabling

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Selective Storage Presentation Enabling

I have a MSA1500 with several arrays setup and connected to a 2 node cluster.


Can I enable Selective Storage Presentation and assign the drives back to the server without data loss.  I am concerned about disk signatures (etcs)





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Re: Selective Storage Presentation Enabling

Yes, SSP does not change any data on the disks.

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Re: Selective Storage Presentation Enabling

Let's assume you have a LUN1 and LUN2, connected servers are server1 and server2.


Without SSP both servers can see both LUNs.


With SSP you can configure that server1 can only see LUN1, server2 can only see LUN2 - you just filter what a server can see/access.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Selective Storage Presentation Enabling



I have this issue as well. But in my case server 1 and server connected using scsi cable. This is from MSA500. I already enable SSP and give access. But when reboot from MSA500, seem it cannot be read. After attempt to boot from C: , it's like hanging. Any idea where i miss?