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Serial Cable pinout for MSA2012i

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Serial Cable pinout for MSA2012i



My apologies if this has already been covered, but I couldn't find it during a search.


I've got a MSA 2012i that I bought second hand to learn virtualization; unfortunately I can't seem to login to the console. I've tried the two usual accounts (manage & admin) but it appears the passwords have been changed.


It's a bit tough for me to spend ~$300 on the serial cable so I was hoping I could make my own as it will only be used once. Does anybody have the pinout arrangement?


Many thanks for the help!






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Re: Serial Cable pinout for MSA2012i

It is a standard serial cable.


Refer the post :


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Re: Serial Cable pinout for MSA2012i

I don't know the pin out, but I know it is very different from the MSA1000/1500 cable.



I think to remember the part number is 508297-001.

Hope this helps!

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