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Server and HBA not appearing in HBAnyware

Joshua Post
Occasional Contributor

Server and HBA not appearing in HBAnyware

I have 5 HP blade servers, all with Emulex LPe1105-HP 4 GB Fibre cards.  I downloaded the HBAnyware program for management and firmware upgrades and originally could only see 3 of my servers.  I found that two of my servers were using drivers from 2007 in Windows Server 2003 X64, while the other 3 were using drivers from 2009 and had Emulex AutoPilot listed as a program on the server.  I used the PSP to update drivers and the two servers that were missing wouldn't load the new driver until I installed the following Microsoft update:


After installing this and then installing the latest Emulex drivers through the PSP, which were dated in 2010, one of the missing servers showed up in HBAnyware, but the one server still doesn't show up.


Any ideas on what else I need to do in order to get it to appear in the program?