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Shutdown p2000 G3

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Shutdown p2000 G3



We need to move a p2000 G3 to a difrent location.

What is the proper way to shut down the P2000 G3?

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Re: Shutdown p2000 G3

Found it


a shut down before removing a controller module or powering down the system.


To perform a shut down
1. In the Configuration View panel, right-click the local system and select Tools > Shut Down or Restart
2. In the main panel, set the options:
• Select the Shut down operation.
• Select whether to restart the processor in controller A, B, or both.
3. Click Shut down now. A confirmation dialog appears.
4. Click Yes to continue; otherwise, click No. If you clicked Yes, a second confirmation dialog appears.
5. Click Yes to continue; otherwise, click No. If you clicked Yes, a message describes shutdown activity.

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Re: Shutdown p2000 G3

Is it safe to shutdown remotly and let the power fail by itself in case of a planend power maintenance?

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Re: Shutdown p2000 G3

Shutdown both storage controllers, then pull the cables.

This is the only way - there is no power off switch or command.

Hope this helps!

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