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Snap Pool questions for MSA2000 G2 (2312i)

Gary White_5
New Member

Snap Pool questions for MSA2000 G2 (2312i)

An outside consultant recently installed a new 2312i dual controller SAN in my office. I have recently begun receiving notification messages indicating that certain Snap Pools are low on space and that expansion was requested followed by messages indicating that all snapshots were deleted because the pool ran out of space.


So, my questions are:


1) I read that the snap pool is automatically created at 20% of the volume size when the first snapshot is created. Is there a way to manually manage the size of the snap pool?


2) Since I started receiving these notifications, I have seen the messages indicating that snap pool expansion was requested, yet I do not see that the size of the snap pool has actually expanded. Is there a way to tell for sure and/or is there a place to view/modify the policy related to Snap Pool expansion?


3) What is the best practice regarding how frequently to schedule snapshots and how many to keep? By default, the schedules were created at 12 hours and to keep 10 snapshots.


4) Are existing snapshot schedules able to be modified or do you have to delete and create new?


Thank you in advance for your assistance.