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Storage Management Utility for Download

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Storage Management Utility for Download

Bom dia Community,

I have one HP MSA MSA2312fc in my environment and some issues about Performance. I researched a little and discover that there is a Tool called "HP Storage Management Utility".

Where can i download this Tool or check the performance issue?

Can someone help me please?


Marcos Onisto



Re: Storage Management Utility for Download


Please be aware the MSA2312 FC array went End of Support Life on January 31, 2018. Because the system is EOSL there is very limited (or none) spare parts, service options, or support. If you have data on this system please be sure you have a backup. 

The Storagae Management Utility (SMU) is the GUI web interface for managing the system. If you log into the system via an IP address in a web browser you are then using SMU. You can find more details in the following guide:

Because this array is so old, your performance issue is likely due to new components on your SAN (OS, server, HBA/NIC, switch) that are no longer compatable with the MSA2312. Depending on recent upgrades and patches it may have caused a performance issue.

You should make sure all the drives are healthy, the RAID groups are fault tolerant, and pathing is correct.


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