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Storage Mirroring hogging resources

Mark Amyot
New Member

Storage Mirroring hogging resources

I have a windows 2003 cluster connected to a msa 2012fc. The active node of the cluster has storage manager installed, as does an HP all in one storage server with an attached msa 60 drive array.

I am replicating about 200gb of data over a dedicated 100mb line. I have the bandwidth limited to 30% of this. the performance monitor shows 100% pegged pages/sec on this which occassionally locks up the server. I have disabled data compression to reduce overhead.

I have 8gb of ram. the paging file is 8-12gb. this is on the c: partition as I do not have another partition to put it on. I could create another drive on the SAN for this and the storage mirroring cache if that would help. please advise. thanks!