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Re: Storage Mirroring replicates PST file?

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Storage Mirroring replicates PST file?

A quick question: Does Storage Mirroring replicate PST file properly while this PST file is being opened in user's Outlook? Thanks.
Matthew S. Luth
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Re: Storage Mirroring replicates PST file?

If you truly are talking about "mirroring" as opposed to "replication" the answer is yes. When a mirrored volume is used, I/O is done to both volumes simultaneously to keep them in sync. In other words, both the primary and the mirror are identical at all times once the initial mirror is complete.

Replication "should" provide similar functionality except that it is an "asynchronous" mechanism which means that I/O writes to the replication partner will likely lag behind the write to the primary volume. How severe the lag is depends on the bandwidth of the medium over which replication occurs and how much of the bandwidth is in use.

In either case, blocks being written to open files will be written to the partner volume as well.