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Storage Msa 2040

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Storage Msa 2040

I have no experience with storages, and I already have the mission in the company that works to configure the same in our internal network. Initial settings already done: apply RAID 5 to the disks, change the system name and ip to the network range. The only step left to complete my work is to map the same to users' dektops, to store files.

I have some questions about 2040 storage configurations.

1 - How to make the physical connection of the storage in the network?
2 - How do network desktops see storage in their mappings as a volume?

I'm sure I'll be able to complete this work.

My current scenario:
Storage 2040 connected to an HP 5500 switch (UTP cable connection)
Server HP windows 2012 R2 connected on the same switch (UTP cable connection)
and finally a common Windows 7 desktop, also on the same switch (UTP cable connection).

I look forward to your help, thankful.


Re: Storage Msa 2040

Hello Matheus Giovanni,

The MSA2040 is provisioned (creating volumes and mapping to host) via webGUI or CLI access to its management port.

There are 2x management ports on MSA2040 SAN, one on each controller.

If there is a new array and is not yet configured, user could setup the laptop/system in array default newtork space, connect to mgmt port via cross-over cable and configure/change the network settings.


Array has iSCSI host ports (based on controller type) to connect and map the LUN(s) to hosts CNA PCI cards.


User will need to assign host reachable IP addresses to MSA iSCSI ports and configure additional sessions (additional physical paths) from host iSCSI template.


**Jumbo frame must be enabled on all or none (array host port settings, switch and HBA).


The LUN could be mapped to desktop if iSCSI template is available on installed OS and desktop has compatible CNA card.


For basic connectivity, please refer :


For mgmt port configuration, provisioing etc:


It would be good idea to reach to HPE support for configuration assistance on best effort basis.


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Re: Storage Msa 2040

I still have questions about the physical connection of the storage to the network.  I was trying to connect the storage to a fiber optic cable switch, using transceivers to do network mapping, I did not succeed in this attempt, as it does not even light up the leds of the network card in the storage. From this emerged another doubt: Should I make the storage connection on a server via fiber optic, and then connect the server on a switch to get the long-awaited mapping on the network?

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Re: Storage Msa 2040

Sure you have ethernet SFP installed?

It could be fibre channel, please check.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Storage Msa 2040

Check the port settings for the hostports.

The can be set to either iSCSI or FC mode. The ports must be in teh correct mode.

Set it by using CLI

set host-port-mode iSCSI for instance.

See the CLI manual or Help for more info