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Storage Server DL380 G4 management problem.

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Storage Server DL380 G4 management problem.

I have just installed an EVA5000 managed by a Storage Server DL380 G4,I followed the initial wizard to configure the server and I have installed CV EVA 4.1.2,everything seems to work fine but when I access the management page in the server (http:\\localhost:2301),it comes up with an error like the servers all options are not detected by the management tool,normally you see a lot of instances on the screen telling you that the power,nic´s,hba´s,etc. are ok on the server,in my case,nothing appears.
Any ideas...??
Thanks in advance.
Stephen Kebbell
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Re: Storage Server DL380 G4 management problem.

Hi Antonio,

firstly, can you log in to System Management Homepage?
If you can, and it shows everything blank, it probably means the SNMP service is not configured.
Go to the services -> SNMP, and set community strings for SNMP (e.g. public set for READ ONLY and private set for READ CREATE) and trap destinations (add as a trap destination), you should also set "Accept SNMP packets from all hosts". Then restart the SNMP service.

Can you see the link for command view EVA?

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Re: Storage Server DL380 G4 management problem.

Hello Stephen,
I configured the SNMP service as you told me and the Management Homepage is ok now.

Thanks very much.


A de Matos.