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Storage Works Command View EVA - Permissions


Storage Works Command View EVA - Permissions


We have an EVA 8000.
The SAN team is locking down permissions, which I agree with.
I used to have full access and have created numerous LUNs etc. and have had a SAN course.

I am the ESX administrator with over 150 VMs housed on the SAN on 28 LUNs.

I now have no access to the SAN.

I have requested read only access, I feel I need this because we use RDM as well as VMFS LUNs and I want to double check I am deleting the correct disks / RDMs etc. as well as capacity plan for future LUNs. Basically I like to verify everything at both ends before doing anything in VMware. What do you guys think.

I have been told that read only access can not be granted because it can impact on SAN performance (and even 'bring it down') Is this true ? (not to my knowledge)

I would be accessing the SAN via a web browser to Command View EVA .

Tim Chilton
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Re: Storage Works Command View EVA - Permissions

There are local security groups that controll access to Command View. The local HP Storage Admins group gives you full access and the HP Storage Users group gives permission to look only. You might want to have your SAN team try adding you to the HP Storage Users group and see if that gives you the access that you need.