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Storage Works SAN 8/8


we have a SAN with two Fabrics (2 Fabrics with 2 switches each). Now we like to expand our Fabrics with two new Switches (Storage Works SAN 8/8). Our old Switches have Firmware 6.1.0b installed. Do i have to do a Firmware upgrade of the old switches before expanding the Fabric ? Is it recommended that all Switches in the fabric have the same firmware ?

Is the a documentation for expanding the Fabric available. I found various docs but none which explains the necessary steps.

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Re: Storage Works SAN 8/8

You MAY have to do a firmware upgrade before expanding the fabric. You need to look at the release notes for FOS 6.1.0b and whatever is on the SAN 8/8 switches, looking for the compatibility lists in each. But it IS recommended that all switches have the same firmware, allowing for earlier switches and supported compatible earlier firmware versions. For example, the Linux-based 2Gb switches can only run 5.3.2c but WILL work with newer switches.

I would look in the HP StorageWorks SAN Design Reference Guide, for documentation.

Short version: Verify firmware compatibility. Set IP addresses and unique fabric domain numbers on each switch. Connect ISL cable(s) on each fabric.

Assuming various advanced parameters have not been changed in the existing fabrics' switches, the switches will connect and your fabrics should now be two more switches bigger! :)

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